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Listen to Bryson Tiller True to Self

After an unannounced introduction in 2015 with his hit single "Don't," Bryson Tiller made tidal waves through the music industry. In a two year time span and literally with one project, Tiller was able to brand himself as a different sound for hip hop and RnB, titled Trap Soul. Appropriately the name for the debut album, Bryson Tiller came out of nowhere establishing a fan base that takes most artist a minimum of 3 years to develop.

By releasing limited amount of new music and capitalizing on features like; Travis Scott's First Take, Dj Khalid's Ima Be Alright, and Gucci Mane's Drove U Crazy, Tiller maintained audiences anticipation for the release of his sophomore album. Titled True to Self, Tiller took it upon himself to release the sophomore album one month before the actual set release date. As soon as fans realized that the album was available on all streaming platforms, reviews flourished.

At first listen, instantly you can hear the title "true to self" concept grasped in the music. Bryson doesn't change up his trap soul sound, and utilizes his new experience with fame as tools for the lyrics. Although the essence of his sound remains the same, the overall vibe is completely different than the debut album. True to Self displays frustration that can be misinterpreted as arrogance to the wrong ears. Tiller is already feeling both the negative and positive affects of success, and now is questioning what level he actually wants to get to. Positive being increase in monetary value and access to the lavish lifestyle that we all dream about, in exchange for loosing the ones we love. Not literally seeing death, but having their opinions about you change and your own personal sanity dissolve.

The mental fight Bryson is experiencing isn't something new that we hear from newly successful entertainers. During this time frame mega stars are created or obliterated, and usually the sophomore album determines that platform. True to self is good album, but I don't hear any mega hits like "Don't," or "Exchange" on the album, but if one song does pop than I see much more success in Tiller's future.


  1. You're amazing Bryson tiller. #albumoftheyear

  2. Yassss Bryson, bringing back real R&B


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