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Let's talk: Invasion of Privacy, Cardi B

In 4 days since the release of rapper Cardi B’s debut album titled, Invasion of Privacy. Atlantic Records has already announced that the album is a certified gold, with certainty that it’ll be platinum by the end of this week. 

Fans are going crazy, many saying that the album is an instant classic. Comparing the album to female rapper rivalry, Nicki Minaj debut album Pink Friday, whose numbers have remained unmatched, until now. There’s without a doubt that Cardi B have exceeded expectations throughout her career, no one ever assumed she would be this dominant in rap from her start on Love & Hip-Hop New York. Even after her hit single "Bodak Yellow", I like others feared that her album wouldn’t maintain her popularity. I was wrong, Invasion of Privacy delivers in production, relevancy, style and overall relatable content. Cardi announces her platform as a hit making trap queen with this one. With songs that features artist like Kehlani, SZA, and Chance the Rapper, adds di…

Xxxtentacion is a multi genre artist

Arguably the most controversial rapper of the younger generation, Xxxtentacion, a Florida native with a very multicultural background, has yet again raised questions and value in the next generation with his sophomore album titled “?.” Known for expressing pain and depression in his music, it comes as no surprise that the lead single is titled “Sad.” However, what does catch audiences off guard is the implementation of his entire ethnic background, and how almost every song sounds completely different, while remaining coherent. Xxxtentacion introduces the album as an alternative project, that you can instantly hear in songs like “schizophrenia,” but I simply enjoyed the ride from beat to beat in almost every song. Although I wouldn’t completely label ? as the metal genre, because there’s songs like infinity 888, which is pure hip hop. Xxxtentacion clearly expresses that he is a multi-genre artist, and as a rebel he refuses to be attached to one specific music genre. Nice work Xxxtenta…

Roxanne Roxanne on Netflix: Review

During the rise of this rap and hip-hop phenomenon were a select few of female Emcees whose name will always hold weight, when comparing the great female rappers. Of course, you have Queen Latifah, MissyElliot, MC Lyte, and even the modern Queen of rap Nicki Minaj, but like the men of hip hop, it took a few untold stories to evolve these respected acts of today. In the beginning rappers couldn’t make enough income to support themselves, because hip hop and rap was yet to be considered a music genre. So, throughout the Burroughs of New York, Emcees used battle rap as a positive outlet to express themselves, while creating a form of revenue. However, as the music evolved, so did the talent, inspiring more and more people which eventually led to 2018, where hip hop is the number 1 recording genre in the world.
The rise of female Emcees
As a hip-hop connoisseur, the moment I heard rumors of the legendary Roxanne ShantĂ© biopic, I was instantly thrilled. Being a 90s baby, you hear and educat…

Dallas rapper MO3 doing Numbers

MO3 is a Dallas Rapper who has enjoyed success on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. The rising rapper has built tremendous buzz, as fans have locked to experience his music. He hails from the Northside of Dallas, Texas. A city of high poverty, and little opportunity to escape low income expectations. “I had to do what I had to do to get by” MO3 explains, and that “Everyday was a hustle.”
The sequel to his debut, Shottaz. Reloaded, arrived at the close of 2015. The album featured “Hold Ya Tongue,” which went on to become a moderate hit for MO3, notching nearly two million streaming views in the year after release. Reloaded hit number 14 on the Billboard Rap chart, climbing to number two on the Billboard’s Heatseekers chart. His follow-up, 4 Indictments hosted by DJ Drama, also topped the Billboard’s Heatseekers chart upon release in 2016. 4 Indictments featured Louisiana artist Boosie Badazz on 2 songs entitled “What She said,” and “My Nigga”. In 2017 he released an album based off …

Racial Fluidity an attack to eliminate Black Culture

The old saying goes "in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue," this clever expression for decades is used to teach elementary school kids the discovery America. Although the land was already inhabited with people, Columbus was credited as Europe's first for successful voyage across the world. After the discover many began to settle in the Americas seeking gold, power, religious freedom and an overall new way of life, ultimately establishing America as "the land of the free." Now, fast forward over 500 years later, after the Atlantic Slave Trade, Jim Crow Laws, Nazi Germany, “Reganomics,” and even present day Black lives matters campaigns, America is still seen as this free country. In comparison to the Middle Eastern countries like Iran, who prohibits alcohol or practicing religions outside of Islam, I can understand why America is "free." However, the question is, are all Americans free? CNN published an article titled, “The blurring of racial lines w…

Killmonger is not the villain in the Black Panther Movie

After a crazy 2 weeks of hearing about the record-breaking Marvel film, Black Panther, I managed to finally see what the hype is about. This box office hit managed to rack in over 700 million in global sales, while including many new faces to Hollywood. Marvel is already known for having some of the best superhero, so it came as no surprise when the Black Panther exceeded pass expectations. I loved the involvement of accurate historic references, reiterating the evidence that Africa is one of the richest nations, oppose to the stereotypical "starving African" statements. Such presentations have the power to decrease discrimination towards the African American community. While the underlying theme of this story carries more of a revolutionary tone, oppose to the average good guy verses bad guy theme. Chadwick Boseman, the actor who plays the Black Panther, dominates the role. Looking at the previews and relating to the Black panther movement, naturally I assumed the black pant…