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Has the Drake era come to an end?

For over the past 7 years, Drake have remained superior over all of the rappers. His catchy hooks and songs became number one hits instantly, and there's always a club/radio banger that everyone has stuck in their heads. I've been a Drake era advocate since I heard the song "Brand New" back in 2009, from that point on I knew singing had officially fused with mainstream hip hop. Although R&B and Hip Hop has always gone hand to hand, Drake created this strange unique but indifferent sound, that arguably carried from Lil Wayne. Basically, I'm not saying Drake started the trend of rapping and singing simultaneously, but he definitely reinvented the popularity of the sound. 

So, what makes me question the end of the Drake era? Summer 2017 raised questions about  where was Drake. This was the first year in close to a decade that Drake did not dominate the summer or even the year. All eyes were on artist like Cardi B, Lil Uzi, and even Drake's leading competitor…

The 75th Golden Globe awards nominates Oprah Winfrey for 2020 presidency

The 75th Golden Globes aired last night, and while stars elegantly graced the red carpet, there was only one color that audiences seen, black. In support of Time’s Up movement, many of the stars decided that wearing black to speak against sexual harassment and discrimination, is more important than the “Best Dress” list. Popular actresses like Lupita Nyong'o are one of many who decided in 2017 to share her story as a victim in Hollywood’s sexual harassment scandals. Allegations that men use their positions as a power to force actresses into uncomfortable sexual positions. Host Seth Meyers attempted alleviate tensions on the subject with jokes throughout the ceremony, beginning with his opening monologue “Good evening, ladies and the remaining gentlemen.” Meyers managed to continue his comedic skit, while respecting the victims and assuring that the award show remained comfortable for all. Should entertainment and politics intertwine?The night shared several memorable moments, par…

5 ways to make money in Los Angeles

Life has its moments, that many refer to as those "do or die" experiences. Most people are content with their day to day lifestyle, but over time life forces everyone to change. As I ring in the New Year, I felt inspired to create a helpful post about, the ways I discovered in 2017 to make a little extra money. Last year I decided to move across the country from Atlanta to Los Angeles, seeking experience and more opportunity. As you can see I'm a writer, and my theory is bigger city equals more opportunity both monetarily and creative, simple right? Not so much, because yes you have more opportunity, but it's also more challenges. In LA, I like majority of the people living here had to find multiple sources of income to live comfortably. 
1. Casting CallsI was introduced to Los Angeles as a city full of actors or at least aspiring actors. Meaning don't believe everything you see or hear, but realistically if you're in the entertainment or media field, there&#…

Winners of 2017

Top 10 Songs of 2017 1. Bodak YellowCardi B's Bodak Yellow allowed her to reach levels that would take most rappers years to accomplish. Her take on Kodak Black's No Flockin instantly became the number one song with the first bar. After only being acknowledged as a rapper for 2 years, the young rapper is already being compared to veterans like Nicki Minaj. I'm interested in seeing where Cardi's talent takes her.

2. XO Tour LIfeIf you doubted Lil Uzi Vert in 2016, well 2017s XO Tour Life changed everyone's opinion of Uzi. He officially became a rock star with this hit single. As an Uzi fan since the release of Luv is Rage in 2015, I'm happy and excited to see the level of success he's received in a 2-year time span. His future is bright, if he remains true to himself.

3. Humble, Love (8) The year 2017 also solidified Kendrick Lamar's value in hip hop. Yes, I know that Lamar is already placed on a high pedestal, but this year with singles like Humble and …

Spike Lee 'She's Gotta Have It' relates to the younger generation

Known for his controversial political agenda, Spike Lee writer, producer, and director of classic films like; Malcolm X, Jungle Fever, Do the Right Thing, School Daze etc. has made his way back into the younger generations eyes, by exploring the very start of his career. The 1986 indie film She's Gotta Have It launched Spike's career, and now in 2017 has been reinvented. Becoming a center of the modern feminist message, young adults all over the Internet have decided to weigh in on the show. Expressing mixed feelings towards the plot, while falling in love with the main character Nola Darling, portrayed by DeWanda Wise. She's Gotta Have It is the story of Nola Darling, an artistic free spirit, who's openly dating three completely different guys. During the 80s, this message of a woman's sexuality being equally as open as a man’s, immediately uprooted the middle class. Between the introduction of crack and the rise of gangsta rap, people feared that this new free thi…

Here are 10 hip hop songs with an emotionally driven message Post Malone

In recent interviews rapper Post Malone was quoted saying "Hip Hop isn't the music you go to for emotion or important things," immediately after this statement hip hop fans expressed their outrage. For over a decade now hip hop heads have pondered the direction of the genre. The release of the 2006 Nas album 'Hip Hop is Dead' forced the question of whether the genre is going, and 11 years later we hear the answer. Many like Post Malone believe that the essence and messages in hip hop are lost, but here are 10 modern hip hop songs that stir up several emotions, while maintaining their messages. The statement is disrespectful because Hip Hop grew based off of the messages it provided, and still to this day is used as a political voice. Rapper Logic song "1-800-273-8255" is the number for a suicide prevention hotline, the hip hop single 3x certified platinum.
Drake - Jungle (2015) J. Cole - 03 Adolescences (2014) Xxxtentacion - Jocelyn Flores (2017) Kendrick L…