Lunch Tha General ft Casey Veggies

In today’s hip hop industry it’s popular to get recognition for your street credibility, gang affiliations, and/or how many times you’ve been shot.  But what happen to getting recognized for good old fashioned “Hard Work” and “Perseverance”.  Lunch Tha General embodies these two concepts by demonstrating nothing but “Hard Work” and “Perseverance” throughout his music career. 

At the end of 2006 Lunch Tha General flooded California’s Inland Empire with the release of 3 mixtapes in 1 week; Lunch “Reheated Vol 2”, Lunch “Eat and Defeat”, and the Lunch “IE Stand Up Mixtape Vol. 909” (hosted by Dantana & A.M.G). These mixtapes created such a huge street buzz that soon magazines and blogs started to catch wind of the momentum created by Lunch Tha General.  This momentous buzz catapulted Lunch Tha General into to the limelight and he was soon featured in magazines and  blogs such as;,, TRUE Magazine, The, Live Magazine, Network, Wordup, Westside Story, Flipsidah and many worldwide music news websites.

To further add on to this momentum Lunch Tha General dropped a club banger in 2007 entitled “Get’em Girl”.  This caught the attention of music giant Universal Records.  Universal immediately signed Lunch Tha General while the single Get’emGirl was getting over 200 spins per week.  Lunch Tha General then followed up with the remix to the single “Get’em Girl” which featured Ray J.  The remix caught fire quickly and immediately started getting over 400 spins per week and was recognized for its energy by DJs, fans, and media alike:

"Get Em Girl is an instant anthem," - DJ Felli Fel of L.A’s Power 106

"The track is a classic." – KVEG

"Lunch has dropped a gem with this track that's for sure." - DJ Furious Styles XM Radio

"Man I have been playing this out since I first got it, never lets me down."
- Clinton Sparks

“Get Em Girl is currently being spun on KVEG, Power 106 (LA), XM, Sirius, Music Choice, AOL, syndicated radio markets in St Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Utah City and after being played in clubs from one coast to the next over the Memorial Day weekend, the track is on its way to be recognized as the Summer anthem of 2008”.   -

The remix was set to be the lead single off of Lunch Tha General’s “Heart of a Lion” album that was due for release in September of 2008 but the recession hit and it affected everything and everyone.  Universal decided to put a hold on all artists’ releases which then led to Universal dropping Lunch Tha General from his deal at the beginning of 2009. 

But this didn’t stop Lunch Tha General.  He decided to regroup, plan, and strategize throughout 2009.  He then started to record with new producers all of 2010. Then in 2011 Lunch Tha General released his “What’s for Lunch???” Mixtape hosted by Clinton Sparks and Co-hosted by G-Unit’s Tony Yeyo.  The mixtape featured the likes of Styples P, Ray J, Sean Kingston, Ray Lavender, Casey Veggies, 40 Glocc, TQ, and Language Artz. The mixtape also featured production from producer juggernauts 9th Wonder, Fingazz, Red Spider, Dr. Stank, and TwhyExclusives. That momentous feeling of 2006 was back in Lunch Tha General’s favor. Blog sites, magazines, and local radio were supporting the mixtape and then suddenly Lunch Tha General’s transplant kidney failed. 

To briefly go back in Lunch Tha General’s childhood he was diagnosed with Lupus at an early age and when Lunch Tha General was 11 his kidneys failed which required him to have a kidney transplant.  This same kidney went out on him in 2011 which forced him to start on dialysis during the early promotional stages of his “What’s For Lunch??” Mixtape.  In 2012, with his health in jeopardy, Lunch decided to hold off on any further promotion of the “What’s For Lunch??” Mixtape so that he could focus more on his health and family.

But good news came about in mid 2013.  Lunch Tha General received confirmation that he was a match to receive a kidney from his cousin Demontre Bennett.  Lunch immediately went back into the studio and began working on his “What’s For Lunch??” pt. 2, Mixtape.  Lunch Tha General recorded the “What’s For Lunch??” pt. 2 Mixtape, in its entirety, with only 7% of his kidney functioning.  Lunch Tha General’s “What’s for Lunch??” pt. 2 was released in late 2013 and the first video from the mixtape was recorded and released in April 2014 just 3 months after his kidney transplant in January 2014.

Lunch Tha General TRULY embodies “HARD WORK and Perseverance”!!!