Don't sleep on Vic Mensa: The Autobiography

Honestly I haven't heard much of him until the release of his debut album The Autobiography on July 28, 2017. Signed to Roc Nation in 2015, Vic Mensa has definitely followed the foot steps of label mate J. Cole. Sharing both similar backgrounds and writing mechanics, Mensa is fire, creating his own buzz without being obnoxious. Also at first listen to The Autobiography instantly reminded of an older J. Cole, but uniquely keeping his originality.

Perfectly titled The Autobiography, Vic Mensa walks us through the story of how he became an artist. The album is a reflection of Vic's life, having the perception of a child chasing after a musician dream. While growing into the man he is today, Mensa expresses regret and pain in losing loved ones, ultimately contributing to his success as an artist.

Although having little promotion reflected in sales, I wouldn't count out Mensa just yet. Recently DJ Ackademiks felt a need to subtly show boat against Mensa, because of their unresolved issues with one another. Without directly mentioning Vic, Akademiks said Mensa spent too much time bashing him instead of promoting his own album. Although that may be true Akademiks seemed to take a more cowardly approach, stating that Mensa might not even break 20k sales.

I wouldn't speak so soon, because I can hear the potential that can easily turn Mensa's "flop" into a prop. Not only should Mensa's team utilize the beef with DJ Akademiks as a promo platform, but CEO Jay-Z recently released his certified platinum album 4:44, which instantly puts eyes on everyone signed under the Roc. The Autobiography has a great mix of songs accessible to the mainstream media and lyrically approved by the underground.  Meaning that if Vic drop a video for one of the mainstream songs and solely promote that song, his entire platform will change for the better. I think the song "Gorgeous" or even the intro "Didn't I" Could pass the bar. Keep pushing Vic, because either way The Autobiography has opened up new doors and fans for you.


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