Jay-Z is back, welcoming new twins and an album

In the midst of welcoming home two little ones, HOV managed to strike a deal with sprint and create a new album. Talk about a man that never sleeps, Jay-Z is once again expanding his generational influence. The sporadic announcement of his name change alongside introducing the new album 4:44, instantly went viral. This is a win-win situation for the Carters, because regardless of the outcome they've maintained popularity for over 2 decades, with an increasing net worth. Audiences all over the world are awaiting to hear 4:44, and even more people are awaiting for them to reveal the names and genders for their newborn twins.

Similar to the deal with T-Mobile, back in 2012 when Jay-Z released Magna Carter Holy Grail, only Sprint customers will have free access to the album. Only this time Jay-Z will be using his own streaming platform "Tidal," meaning that if you're not a Sprint customer you'll have to pay for the Tidal app in order to listen to the album. I'm unsure if there will be physical copies of the album, but as Jay-Z fan who is currently subscribed to apple, it will suck if there's not any. Fans all over the globe have already begun making the switch to Sprint, I've seen Instagram post of people preparing to switch. So congrats HOV you've done it again!

As for the music, I'm uninterested in hearing any unorthodox scenario that he's dealt with during poverty, because after over 20 years of success, I just simply cannot relate. What I would like to hear out of this album is just classic good music. Jay-Z needs to rap about problems I've yet to see and things that have or hasn't changed, but we don't realize, or your current personal life. I don't want to hear Jay-Z attempt to stay youthful, just classic hip hop on modern instrumentals. 4:44 will be Jay-Z's 13th solo album, and my predictions are that it will go platinum as the others did, but this album is definitely highly anticipated.


  1. Jay Z is the most overrated rapper in the history of rap. He doesn't even rap, he just simply talks on a beat. Just like 21 savage in my opinion

  2. Blasphemous comment above, Jay Z is a GOAT. Changed the entire music industry including rap. one of the most unique flows in the history of hip hop


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