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5 of the worst music biopics of all time

 5. Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story
Although many will disagree with this movie being on the list, the portrayal of Chili has it stand corrected. The script failed to capture Chili's significance in the group. She was overdramatize, by actress Keke Palmer, and although many of the people are still alive, the story still create the feeling of being incomplete. Not just because of the death of Lisa Lopez, but due to the fast development to reach the peak, while having little detail or character build up. Compared to great biopics, and to good/average ones, the TLC Story is a deserving 5th place as worst music biopics.

4. All Eyez On Me: Tupac Shakur
Arguably one of the greatest rappers of all time  who has definitely been the biggest influence on hip hop culture, All Eyez On Me created the biggest upset since the Aaliyah movie. The movie lacked precision, facts, and overall script development. This movie feels as if a fan who watched Tupac documentaries created their own perception of incidents that they were not involved or incorporated witnesses to help. The casting completely missed the mark with majority of the characters, and the embarrassing tweets from Jada Pinkett Smith helps discredit the entire movie. As for the actors, to say that most of the actors in this film are fresh faces to the "big screen," I applaud them for their delivery. Demetrius Shipp study Tupac's entire persona and reinvented to a tee, nice job.

3. Whitney: The Whitney Houston Story
First of all, is the movie about Whitney Houston or Bobby Brown  because I couldn't tell the difference .The writer and director acted as if Whitney didn't have a career and life before or without Mr. Bobby Brown. All of the "facts" of this movie are questionable and it's clear that her family wasn't involved in the creative process at all. Her drug abuse in the film makes the audience feel uncomfortable, and unauthorized content gives this film a level of distaste for any viewer. Everyone knows that Whitney was involved with drugs, but I guarantee you that the creators of the movie didn't know what type of drugs and the amount of participation. The entire movie is geared towards Ms. Houston's decline. However Yaya DeCosta hits the mark with capturing Whitney's personality, at least the public persona she displayed.

 2. Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story
This was a hard decision, because I don't know if this movie should've ranked number one or two as the worst biopic of all time. The only thing that saved this movie from taking the number one spot is the fact that Jackson was still alive during the release. The movie is horrible, Flex Alexander doesn't physically match anyone of Jackson's appearances, and far as mannerisms he completely missed the mark. Watching this film was synonymous to watching a corny soap opera. From the cast to the script, Man in the Mirror is a walking disaster. Let's hope the upcoming Michael Jackson biopic does him justice.

 1. Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B
This is without a doubt the worst biopic ever created, and Lifetime should be ashamed of themselves for ruining someone's legacy. Not only did Aaliyah's family disapprove of the network creating a film about the singer, label also didn't authorize her recordings to be used also. Meaning that all of the music you hear in this movie is re recorded, and unlike Whitney It's noticeable. As a 90s baby I was appalled, because this biopic was probably the most anticipated biopic since Notorious and they ruined it. Th storyline made absolutely zero sense, and the created a fantasy relationship between singer R. Kelly and underage Aaliyah. Where are the facts? No one knew the dynamics of the singers relationship, and Lifetime made an entire movie about it. According to interviews with her family, Aaliyah was involved with Dame Dash, who wasn't mentioned in the film. This movie was just awful from start to finish, it should be categorized as fiction.


  1. Aaliyah is by far the worst fictional bio pic ever! They should be ashamed of themselves for ruining her legacy.


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