Sza gets sexy in Ctrl

After receiving recognition from Top Dawg Ent, it came as no surprise when she signed to the label in 2013. By 2014, Sza released her debut ep titled "Z" which ultimately established her core fan base. Calmly making headlines with her features and the recent single Love Galore which features Travis Scott, Sza stirred up enough buzz for her mainstream debut. By first promoting the album CTRL on her Instagram with a tattoo, Sza created a trend, while many of her loyal fans follow the tattoo art.

With the release of Love Galore, fans and audiences that listened to "Z" can instantly hear the difference in the albums. CTRL is definitely an attempt to appeal to the mainstream audience, but Sza does a good job doing it. Labeled as a conscious neo soul singer, Sza challenges her vocal dynamics, while implementing relatable and common topics in the lyrics. If anyone thought she wasn't sexy before, than you know that she is now. CTRL is about sex, relationships, and insecurities. There are no hidden messages in the album, it's straight to the point. While "Z" plays on the "stay woke" conversations, that stimulates your mind over body and matter. Sza core fans are intrigued by the new sound, knowing now that there's multiple versions of the singer to pick from.

CTRL is a good mainstream album, songs like Love Galore, Prom, and Broken Clocks have the potential to become major hits. There's enough sex appeal inside the album to hold anyone's attention. Her unique voice compliments the content and overall sound of the album. I like the album, but hopes she still remain loyal to the neo soul sound in the future.


  1. I love this album!!! It speaks to my heart

  2. I'm a new fan of hers. This album made me want to listen to all of her music. Thumbs up from me


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