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NEW MUSIC‼️ FT BEAR @DgleWittaDgle @YoungCec & @_AlmightySav prod. By @Iam_Queso & @777Cartel

The official BTDMG squad is back dropping off their newest track "Limitations." After receiving such a positive response on their previous single "Pores," which hit WorldStar, it doesn't surprise me that this song grabs my ear also. Limitations is a kickback type of song that gives the audience multiple feelings to feed off of. Some people could twerk or grind to the beat, others might want to drink smooth alcohol and vibe to the song, but either way the song will be enjoyed. Limitations demonstrates the groups versatility in their sound. The song is completely different from "Pores," and I'm excited to see what they do for the video.

Ivan N. YaMouf drops off a nice new sound to end and begin the new year. I enjoyed the smoothness of the beat produced by Kino Beats, and Ivan's catchy chorus "and we gonna blow this year," simple but direct and flows nicely to the beat. LVCHLD gives us a pretty solid versus, a good collaborative effort from the duo, I like Supa Luxe. Ivan if you keep dropping songs like this you're sure to manifest those words. Nice sound for you, and keep going!


Prod. by Queso 

Instagram : @modthebear @283dee @theofficialbtdmg 
Twitter : @modthebear @DglewitaDgle @BTDMG1 
Facebook : btdmgbear , btdmgdeagle , Bout That Dough 
SnapChat : btdmgbear , twoatethree 

shot by @justb.frank on iG 
@_justbfrank on twitter

Savannah’s own with ATL swagg, a rising music group named Bout That Dough Music Group links up with the head honcho from Two-9 Curtis Williams for their hit single “Pores”. The group displays hit making ability with their catch sound, what I like to call the Atlanta sound of the decade. With more to come this is only the beginning for the young artist, racking up numbers already over 12,000 on WorldStar and 3,000 on Youtube in a day. The new visual were premiered on WorldStarHipHop yesterday. Nice Job! 

A unique sound for the Atlanta scene by the growing artist ReddSterling! The "Before Affect" has a nice sound that instantly grabs your attention, making the audience want more from the artist. The song reminds me a little of Travis Scotts "Antidote," which is not a bad thing at all.

Twitter @Reddsterling
Instagram @Reddsterling

Music Monday

C4 Kaboom grew up listening to the hip hop genre but his deepest inner most influence stems from his father, a Brooklyn NY native who was also a composer and lyricist.   At the age of 15, C4 Kaboom experienced his first on-stage hip hop performance at the Orpheum Theatre in Tampa FL as part of a duo “unstoppable force”.   His solo song, “ghetto love” literally mesmerized and moved the crowd.  During his senior year in high school C4 Kaboom performed at the State Theater in St PetersburgFL in his first Home Grown Hip Hop show.  His stage performance created an electrifying buzz among the crowd.  The next year C4 Kaboom performed at the Local 662 Club in St. Petersburg, FL in Homegrown Hip Hop 2, where his mixtape Punchline Season 1 was debuted and where he transitioned from the stage name “mr phenomenal” into “C4 Kaboom, featuring ODMFW”.  It was amazing to watch ½ of the crowd bounce vigorously to the beat and the other ½ star gazing like zombies in a trance.   

Subsequent to his high school graduation, C4 Kaboom created his second mix tape, Punchline Season II which garnished over 15,000 views on the popular website, Datpiff.   C4 Kaboom has come of age and has fully transitioned into his present stage persona, “C4 Kaboom” introduced in his single, Odmfw.   

C4 Kaboom was recently added to a grassroots hip hop website, “”, based out of New York, and has rapidly ascended to the top 5 featured artist within a year!  This new up and coming artist literally raises the bar with a level of precision immediately drawing the listener to tune in to his self-composed lyrics, as C4 Kaboom is a story teller, truth seeker, and a deep thinker.  At age 21, C4 Kaboom has become “entirely ready”, and seeks to prove to be a refreshing addition to the hip hop musical genre.  His lyrics command the attention of cross generations from baby boomers to millennials.  C4 Kaboom’s newly released mix tape “the other side of perfect”provides a relatable and refreshing addition to the hip hop legacy. Kindly enjoy the music!

B. Reilly

Wanting to make a difference in the music industry, Canadian rapper Ben Reilly has always felt music has been the most amazing way to express oneself. Representing Edmonton, Alberta, the wordsmith has taken baby steps, yet worked hard towards his goal. Launching his career in 2012, the rapper released his first single, which was a failure, leading him to leave the label he was signed with and take a break. This time was taken off in order to get a better understanding of how to succeed in a music industry that has been booming digitally. Launching his label 82 Entertainment, his first mixtape, Maximum Pressure, is set for release in stores and for free download next year. It will sport features from Busta Rhymes, Akon, Freeway, 8Ball & MJG, among others, with production from DJ Felli Fel and Don Cannon. 82 Entertainment gains it’s name from the year 1982, when Canada gained independence from the UK, quite fitting for it’s status as an independent imprint. Ben Reilly was given the opportunity to work with Richie Rich as his mentor, and release Maximum Pressure as an album, but backed out at the last minute, wanting to earn his place in the industry by himself.

Twitter: @OfficialBReilly

So Official Nicole

Born Asia Nicole this talented Artist/ Performer  hails from Yulee, Florida, but now resides in Atlanta, GA. Asia Nicole talent begin to surface around age 6 when she made herself noticeable by performing solos for family members and neighbors. Asia Nicole had a passion for singing and realized this was something she was born to do. In February of 2012 Asia Nicole started to pursue her dream she made her mark as a newcomer to the Industry in December 2012 when she won Atlanta's Hottest Future Superstar under 18 award and The America Model Talent Search talent category. 

In May 2013 Asia Nicole also won the King Ryan Music Showcase where she was the only Teen Artist. Asia Nicole won the 2014 CMM Award for Best Pop Artist of the year. Asia Nicole has performed at places such as the Sweet Auburn Festival, The Cobb Galleria, The Georgia Convention Center, Hard Rock Cafe, and The Global Winter Wonderland. Asia Nicole is a natural in all of the elements of stardom and she makes more than a lasting impression. Asia doesn't only sing to entertain, but rather to inspire and empower others. Asia Nicole single Hey Young World is that Empowerment song and she is requested by many Schools, Organizations and Churches to inspire and empower their Youth with a performance of Hey young World. 

Hey Young World was written to encourage following your dreams and never backing down. Asia Nicole also uses her Talent in supporting causes such as anti- bullying and in fund-raising for charities. Asia has supported and Sponsored Breaking the chain organization this organization provides a variety of Services for Teen girls ages 12 -18 such as mentoring and career guidance Asia has also supported winning The Battle Organization in raising money for Kids with Cancer. Asia inspiration for music is drawn through Artist such as Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, and Rihanna. With Asia Nicole level of persistence and ability, the rising star will undoubted accomplish her goal of becoming a well-known Artist, entertaining millions be on the look out for this rising performer she maybe hitting a city near you.

Single No Good
Video Party Tonight
Instagram _asiapowell
Twitter @soofficialasia
Facebook Asia Nicole Powell 

Nichole Sprueil
Manager  Asia Nicole/ Nevaeh Production LLC  

Billy Plane

Bio Aaron Stephens Jr. (Born May 20, 1993) better known by his stage name, Billy Plane aka Billy the Artist is an up and coming hip hop artist from Atlanta Georgia. Influenced by early 90's hip hop, he is supplying dope music and giving that real authentic hip-hop that has been missing for some time now. For bookings, features, or to send beats email

Instagram- @billy_theartist
Twitter- billy_plane

Link to 1993 Til Infinity mixtape

Made It This Far 


Ivan N. YaMouf is a hip-hop artist from Southside Virginia (The 7 cities). He still displays extensive lyricism and consciousness in his music in a time where content has become watered down. Recently he has experienced great solo success after his group, LTM 3 Dots, became stagnant. He still has hope for the group to get back together in the near future, but in the meantime he will sharpen up his skills and fly solo.

His first solo track, Pandora, was written out of pure inspiration. Ivan N. YaMouf dives deep into a wave of a jazz meets hip-hop to create a smooth and unique vibe. The lyrics of "PANDORA" are layered with triple entendres of past, present, and future events to come. Hence the saying "Made it This Far” on the Hook.

On July 4th 2014, Ivan released the official Video for "Pandora" along with the EP/soundtrack "Made it This Far" to signify his independence as an artist. The official Video for "Pandora" was shot by LVCHLD ofPOSTMOD.TV

*As of late 2014 the song "Pandora" was accepted for Pandora Internet Radio

October 31st Ivan N. YaMouf drops the second hit single "Snap Dragon" official music video. This unique video is a definite eye catcher with slick visuals on top of an already catchy track. The official video for "Snap Dragon” was shot by LVCHLD of POSTMOD.TV

April 14th Ivan released his first single off one of the most anticipated Albums of 2015, "The Sauce: Spirit of a Hustla" Ivan N. YaMouf delivers his signature melodic flow over a crafty beat by Forb3Mag once again. He's got "The Sauce" do you?

Dope Video!


Ivan N. YaMouf - "Pandora" Official Video Shot by LVCHLD
Pandora available on iTunes
Pandora Top Hit on Pandora Internet Radio
Ivan N. YaMouf - " Snap Dragon" shot by LVCHLD
Contact information:

Tyler Hotel 

James Tyler’s is a Chicago based solo artist, and he has recently released his long awaited new album titled "How Are YOU Doing?" which he had been working on for almost a year. 

"I made this album to address a lot of things in my life that I was avoiding, friends were going in and out of hospitals, and family problems were arising. So I decided to tackle it head on by making a project about it, and during the process learned how to treat myself".

The project consists of 6 songs, and talks a lot about the mental, physical and emotional states of being alive. And after the release of HAYD, it is safe to say that he is more alive than ever. This is the biggest and most successful addition to his career and he couldn't be happier with both it, and all the love and support he is getting.

Big Break Records Presents

Kloke an upcoming artist bringing back that smooth 90's sound with his song "Thinking." The lyrics describes our current state in the world, much more than hip hop. Kloke's "Thinking" makes you do exactly that, think about what's going on, with a nice beat that you actually want to listen to. Nice job Kloke! This song makes the audieence crave to hear more of what this artist has to offer, especially the audience that prefer this style oppose to the usual Trap sub-genre. Don't just take my word for it, check it out yourself!

Montez McCamish is his name, Blues is his Game, /and Tongues of Fire is the band name, a creative sound from the soul of a young man. The gut wrenching howling and hollering comes from the BLUES.
This young man is on the way to something different behind the craft of his work. 

Preaching the word threw the music that you hear without a cover, the truth in the world today and how he views it. McCamish is inspired by other great blues artist such as: Howlin Wolf, Little Richard, B.B king, Al Green, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Big Moma Thornton, Mr. Pitiful, John Lee Hooker, Betty Lavette and many more. Youtubers love his most recent video “Prayers Heels,” describing the song as unique and inspirational. Gospel is on the lookout for Montez McCamish.  

Li Li Nicols Only The Beginning

Li Li Nicols reveals the cover art for her upcoming Ep Dec. 27th Review. The project includes 3 original tracks and cover Drake's Draft Day and 0-100. Receiving many positive reviews for her Draft Day cover, Li Li is an artist on the rise. 

The Ep will be released on

Follow her journey on Instagram & Twitter @LiLiNicols 

The Tracklist includes:

  1. Draft Day
  2. Morning Thoughts
  3. 0-100
  4. Smoking Gas
  5. I Can't Breathe

The Write Brother     

Flyte is a indy artist out of Charlotte, NC. Inspired by artist such as; Immortal Technique, Joe Budden, Mac Miller, MosDef, and Eminem.Flyte’s audience without a doubt can hear the lyricism within his music. Once I realized this was who I am, I couldn’t focus on anything other than creating music, writing raps, and just being music.”  Incorporating his passion in his music makes his songs relate-able, inspiring, and enjoyable for everyone. The Write Brother is Flyte's 3rd mixtape, released on February 26, 2015. I enjoyed the mixtape and has seen the growth in Flyte as an artist. Flyte delivers classic hip hop, with smooth sounds.     

Twitter: @Flyte_704 

Lyrical Trap

Javanti Johnson (born April 17, 1990), better known by his stage name Vant Gotti, is an American Hip Hop Artist and entrepreneur.  He was born and raised on the Westside of Atlanta. Nothing can better describe his music other than what his current fan base considers “Lyrical Trap” music.  Vant Gotti’s ability to explicitly describe his surroundings and environment is almost frightening. He prefers that his fans listen to his life struggles in graphic detail before following in his footsteps.  Growing up, he was influenced by Hip Hop icons such as Tupac
Shakur, Master P, UGK, Playa Fly, and Lil White.  Vant also credits his
father for his love of clear lyrics.  Vant stated, “My father had his
own style of clearly describing the neighborhood through rhymes. And you can see a lot of that in my lyrics.” At twelve years old, Vant wrote and performed his first song. He has the uncanny ability to understand his surroundings and quickly decipher it through lyrics.  Growing up in the heart of zone 4 has not been easy for Vant. And his pain and struggles are clearly depicted in his songs. Vant loves to paint poetic pictures about his environment, because the people in his community inspire him. He believes that most rap artists struggle to paint a clear picture of the streets, because they never lived it. Vant Gotti’s music is raw and in HD, and you will enjoy him as your tour guide. 

Follow Vant Gotti on Twitter


New ATL Artist

Many of you were starting to wonder, "when are we going to hear something different?" Well here I was checking out just looking through in search of something new and different, and stumble upon a NEW ATL Artist by the name of Young $crilla. I know what am I doing listening to ATL artist lol, because I am usually not interested in Atlanta artist unless I am about to go to a party. However since this EP was on the indy and knowing that usually those mixtapes are pretty good, I decided to take a listen. My verdict is that the EP is pretty good, having good beats, a different flow, and solid lyrics we are sure to see more from this Upcoming MC. Now Check Out the EP for yourself and tell me what you think!


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